Our Expertise

Forecourt Management

Forecourt management is a monitoring system for all transactions on the forecourt per attendant and per dispensing unit. Possessing appropriate system intelligence, the Forecourt Controller is capable of capturing transactions and inventory real time as well as issuing commands to dispensing units of pumps. With its data capture ability, history of useable data is saved for referencing and reporting at any point. Furthermore, the Forecourt management solution makes it possible to de-authorize dispensing units from fuelling actions and/or give the requisite approvals; attendant activities can also be monitored real time without the physical presence of the station manager or owner.

E-fuelling for Fleet Operators

E-fuelling on the other hand, is a package exploited by corporate organizations, especially those who own fleets. For such organizations, manually monitoring the fuelling activities of their fleet drivers can be quite a chore. Because there is no system in place to provide transparency, they fall victim to the sharp practices of their fleet drivers. Fueltech’s e-fuelling solution mitigates this loophole by providing a mechanism for fleet operators and/or owners to remotely monitor the fuelling operations of their fleet real time.


The platform affords individuals a wide spectrum of payment options. This in itself is a major determinant of market traffic. One huge issue that has confronted individuals as regards effecting transactions and purchasing, is the challenge of instantly converting ‘cash in bank’ to ‘cash in hand’. With FuelTech’s e-payment deployment, that challenge would be history. Individuals would be enabled to effect payments for fuelling exercises with cards and transactions can be consummated on the spot with corresponding bank deductions. Asides the fact that this singular solution has the capacity to pull a market class of high net-worth individuals, the system has also been beefed with devices configured to accept plug-ins from a wide range of payment providers.

Inventory Management

Our Automatic Tank Gauging system keeps an automatic stock of inventory per time. It is an effective system of monitoring stock integrity and levels in the storage tanks. Per time, fuel level in tanks is captured and readings are communicated to the Forecourt controller. Effectively, usages of fuel can be adequately tracked and accounted for. This Inventory Management function that this system affords the Oil Marketer forms the essence of the automation process. Excesses are checked, sharp practices are eliminated and actual revenues are guaranteed.


Consulting on Fuel Technology, payment solutions and automation is not left out. Our experts, possessing and applying incredible intellect for technology solutions on a regular basis, personally ensure that our mark of excellence is not far-fetched per time. Our seasoned personnel have the answers that most people travel the world to seek. Our trusted pre-execution analysis guarantees pre-eminence of execution in the end.