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FuelHub is an integrated order management system that enables you take full control of your fuel utilizatiion. This a foremost online marketplace for peddlers and consumers of fuel. FuelHub provides remote automated visibility on all transactions from Order management, to inventory and payment thus providing data for business intelligence to aid strategic and immediate planning.

Automated Tank Intelligence (ATI)

This is a highly innovative solution that provides real-time intelligence into bulk storage tanks for Fuel operators and consumers. ATI provides Remote Monitoring, Order Management and Delivery Confirmation, Business Intelligence for analysis, budget and projections, for Generators and Diesel Tanks.
ATI blocks all loopholes and avenues for losses such as inefficient human/operational error, deliberate pilferage and sabortage thus ensuring increased savings on buttom line.


Smartpeddle is a unique solution tailored for Aviation peddlers, VMI operated organizations. Smartpeddle spans automated delivery and Inventory and monitoring system, automated bowser/tanker operations, automated depot management, automated invoicing and payments.
Smartpeddle also provides intelligence on all activities via a monitoring dashboard and live feeds thus providing a single hub where all activities in the entire value chain are monitored.


Smartstation eliminates the challenges around operating a fuelling station. This includes but no limited to manual reconciliation of sales records, limitation cash based payments, data redundancy, no central processing hub for all activities among others. Smartstation provides "smart" forecourts by automated cashless payments, fleet management systems etc.

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